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Our mission

  • Gaining experience with leading technologies and sharing knowledge. * Spreading the spirit of Open Source community. * Connecting organizations interested in Open Source research and development with people willing and able to research and develop. * Raising Open Source activity in Russia.

Who we are

We are a small group of students, postgraduates, professors and independent professionals in Computer science and Software development. We collaborate with several universities, student programs and companies.

What we do

Our current activities are concerned with wireless networks and network simulation, power management in mobile devices serverless network file systems, system and kernel programming, knowledge engineering and smart space technologies, compilers and interpreters, bioinformatics and protein modelling, mobile application development.

We work with lots of usual and unusual devices like OLPC and intel netbooks, Internet tablets, mobile phones, server and desktop systems.

We collaborate with global open source community, industrial experts and international research and development programs. Our members are participating in conferences and seminars as authors and as experts, publishing scientific papers and doing trainings.

Our sponsors

Contacts and extra information:

We are open to any new Open Source initiative.

Anyone who accepts our mission can join us. You are welcome!